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New release of REDUCE IDE for GNU Emacs

REDUCE IDE version 1.5 (Nov 2017) should work with the latest versions of both REDUCE and GNU Emacs. It also provides full support for the GNU Emacs package manager, explicit support for running both CSL and PSL REDUCE, and explicit support for running multiple REDUCE processes simultaneously. See

Posted by Raffaele Vitolo on 8 Dec 2017

Support for Scientific Linux

The recent revision 4274 introduced a script which should automatically install all packages that are needed in order to build Reduce on Scientific Linux

Posted by Raffaele Vitolo on 24 Nov 2017

Letter case in Reduce

For historical reasons, the source code of Reduce contained a mixture of upper case and lower case programs. In revision 3057 (March 2015) the casefold.c program was added to Reduce source code. The systematic use of this program converted almost all of the upper case code into lower case code.

Posted by Raffaele Vitolo on 14 Sep 2017

Reduce and TeXmacs

Reduce can be run within TeXmacs (from revision 2545, May 2014).

Posted by Raffaele Vitolo on 14 Sep 2017

CSL now is written in C++

Starting from revision 3297 of 14 December 2015, the CSL Lisp interpreter of Reduce has been rewritten from C to C++.

Posted by Raffaele Vitolo on 9 Sep 2017