16.66 SSTOOLS: Computations with supersymmetric algebraic and differential expressions

Authors: Thomas Wolf and Eberhard Schruefer

16.66.1 Overview

A detailed description is available through the online tutorial An essentially equivalent description is available after loading SSTOOLS and issuing the command sshelp()$. The correct functioning of all procedures is tested through reading in and running sstools.tst. This test also illustrates the commutator rules for products of the different fields and their derivatives with respect to besonic and fermionic variables.

The topics in the tutorial and in sshelp()$ are:

Interactive Session
Loading Files
The command coeffn
The procedure SSym
The procedure SSConL
The procedure FindSSWeights
The procedure Linearize
The procedure GenSSPoly
The procedure ToCoo
The procedure ToField
Discovery of recursion operators
Verification of symmetries


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