19.1 The Standard Lisp Compiler

Many versions of REDUCE include a Standard Lisp compiler that is automatically loaded on demand. You should check your system specific user guide to make sure you have such a compiler. To make the compiler active, the switch COMP should be turned on. Any further definitions input after this will be compiled automatically. If the compiler used is a derivative version of the original Griss-Hearn compiler, (M. L. Griss and A. C. Hearn, “A Portable LISP Compiler", SOFTWARE — Practice and Experience 11 (1981) 541-605), there are other switches that might also be used in this regard. However, these additional switches are not supported in all compilers. They are as follows:

If ON, causes the printing of the portable macros produced by the compiler;
If ON, causes the printing of the actual assembly language instructions generated from the macros;
If ON, causes a statistic message of the form
function COMPILED, words WORDS, words LEFT
to be printed. The first number is the number of words of binary program space the compiled function took, and the second number the number of words left unused in binary program space.