External Packages

REDUCE distributions include a wide variety of specialized packages as described on the documentation page. The external packages listed below use REDUCE but are not included in REDUCE distributions.

Packages available separately for download

Dimsym – Symmetry Determination and Linear Differential Equation Package
Authors: James Sherring, Geoff Prince and Michael Jerie
GRG 3.2 – for making calculation in differential geometry and field theory as simple and natural as possible
Author: Vadim V. Zhytnikov
REDTEN – for tensor manipulation
Authors: John Harper and Charles Dyer

Packages that can only be used online and/or via email

CONVODE – for solving various systems of differential equations
Author: Alain Moussiaux
Holistic discretisation of a dynamical Partial Differential Equation
Holistic discretisation of three coupled dynamical Partial Differential Equations
Normal form of stochastic or deterministic multiscale differential equations
Slow manifold of stochastic or deterministic multiscale differential equations
Construct centre manifolds of ordinary or delay differential equations (autonomous)
Author: A. J. Roberts