Related Projects

Projects related to REDUCE

There are a number of independent projects that use REDUCE in various ways. These include:

  • the ALLTYPES algebraic language and type system;
  • the MathAction collaborative web interface for Axiom, REDUCE and other computer algebra systems;
  • the Mentor Mathematics Advisor for mathematics education;
  • MTT, a set of tools for modeling dynamic physical systems using the bond-graph methodology;
  • Reduce.jl, an interface for calling REDUCE from the Julia language for symbolic manipulation.

The following projects were distributed independently but are now available from the REDUCE SourceForge project:

  • Redlog – Computing with Logic – is now an integral part of REDUCE;
  • Ortocartan is a set of programs for algebraic calculations in relativity, implemented in the Lisp underlying REDUCE;
  • REDUCE IDE is an Integrated Development Environment for the GNU Emacs editor.

Other computer algebra systems

Wikipedia provides a fairly comprehensive list of computer algebra systems, but it does not include the following: