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14 Running REDUCE in a buffer

REDUCE run mode is a subsidiary of REDUCE edit mode, in the sense that it requires REDUCE edit mode to be loaded before it is loaded (which it tries to ensure automatically). It provides an interface that allows a command-line (as opposed to a GUI) version of REDUCE to be run interactively in an Emacs buffer, with input from and output to that buffer.

In fact, it allows CSL and/or PSL REDUCE to be run simultaneously and independently in multiple buffers. You specify your preferred REDUCE version, which is then used by default, but there are also commands to start CSL or PSL REDUCE specifically. (The default preference is CSL REDUCE, mainly because it seems to be slightly more robust.)

A REDUCE source code file or an Emacs buffer containing REDUCE source code (in REDUCE mode) can be run as a completed REDUCE program in an independent buffer automatically named from its file or buffer.

REDUCE statements, procedures or general regions of code in a REDUCE mode buffer can be sent to REDUCE running in another buffer. If REDUCE is running in multiple buffers then you select which buffer to use. If you try to send REDUCE code to REDUCE but REDUCE is not running, then REDUCE run mode will (optionally) start REDUCE automatically.

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