This page gathers together some useful support links.

Project home page
the home page for the REDUCE distributions
Download a pre-packaged distribution
There are distributions for different platforms. Click on a release name in the File/Folder Name column to display the archive files available. Click on your chosen file to download it.
Browse the code repository
We use Subversion (SVN). For instructions and other options, go to the Project page and click on the Code button.
Join the mailing list
currently the main source of support for REDUCE
Brief general installation instructions
generic instructions for installing and building REDUCE on any platform
Installation instructions for Microsoft Windows users
instructions for installing and building REDUCE on Microsoft Windows platforms
Bug tracker
If you think you have found a bug in REDUCE or any of its support or related systems then please report it here.
Discussion fora
a list of the current discussion fora
REDUCE User's Manual [ HTML | PDF ]
the definitive guide to REDUCE
REDUCE Symbolic Mode Primer [ HTML | PDF ]
an introduction to REDUCE symbolic mode programming
Standard Lisp Report [ HTML | PDF ]
definition of the dialect of Lisp assumed by REDUCE
PSL Users Manual [ HTML | PDF ]
PSL (Portable Standard Lisp) is the original implementation of Standard Lisp.
CSL Reference
CSL (Codemist Standard Lisp) is a later implementation of Standard Lisp.
Redlog home page
REDLOG provides an extension of REDUCE to a computer logic system. It is included in the SourceForge distribution.
REDUCE support hosted on the REDLOG web site